Friday, August 24, 2012

Film & Novel

So it's been a busy summer and I've had a great time. I really enjoyed filming and editing Planet Love and it got over 13,000 hits on 'One More Lesbian' media site within 2 weeks, which was so exciting! Now I am lucky enough to have it featured on 'LezReel' - another really great lesbian film website. It's fantastic to get so much exposure for this lovely little film that we all had such fun making. If you haven't had a chance to watch it yet then take a look - it is more than worth your while!

Since I released Planet Love I have been trying to get back into writing and finishing my second novel The Legend Of Pope Joan. Making the switch back to writing from filmmaking was tough but eventually I got back into the groove and I have nearly finished the main draft now. I am so excited about this novel. I originally wrote it as a play a few years ago and really liked what I created, but turning it into a novel has been a true revelation as the the story has demanded all sorts of twists and turns that I had not expected and the 'Joan' I am left with is far more complex than the one I started with a few months ago.

What has also been interesting about this process is that my character cannot be defined as male or female, straight or gay or even bisexual - she is far more complicated than that and goes beyond all labels and definitions. It has been remarkable discovering her for she has demanded to manifest at one moment in one manner and in the next another and has shocked me on several occasions!

I think this novel will really surprise my audience. Particularly those who have read and enjoyed my first novel After The Night which is a sweeping lesbian love story. It is so totally different in every way. But what I hope is that the story of Pope Joan I am writing will intrigue and fascinate people as much as it has me. For, after all, what kind of personality would it have taken to really get away with living as a man and climbing to the highest seat of power in 'Christendom'? To me, she must have been far more complicated than just a straight woman who dressed up with the help of her lover - I think it would have taken far more than donning a robe and cutting her hair short to live like as a man for over 20 years and I hope that my version of her tale will reflect that.

Anyway - my hope is that this novel will be available to buy through Kindle and Smashwords in the early autumn and I look forward to the debate that will ensue. For one thing is for sure it will challenge every one who reads it whether straight, gay or bisexual, and whether religious, agnostic or atheist!

Can't wait for you to read it - watch this space :-D

Monday, August 06, 2012

Planet Love Premiered on OML

Hello lovely people!

I am very excited to announce that Planet Love is now premiered on 'One More Lesbian' - The Lesbian Media site and has already had over 1300 hits in less than 8 hours. Now that's what I call AMAZING!
Do take a look at the film it has turned out so very well and we are all very please with it.